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iPhone ever ready

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The iPhone is a fun note taker. As much for it’s ability to process pictures in camera as for it’s image quality, which is fine as a note taker.

Photographers, especially neophytes, crave symmetry. Symmetry in gear, composition, exposure. Indeed sometimes old dogs have to break the ‘mould’ (sic) and learn from the happy mistakes of the young.


This picture was processed through the Best Picture app and then put through the Photoshop app, Photoshop has extended it’s library of frames and 99.99% are crap. In fact the one frame I loved and would actually pay for is gone. That’s the big problem with these apps. A lack of consistency.

Consistency is one of those things all snappers should crave.

Written by dwyersean

July 18, 2012 at 9:39 am

The Blank Page

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The problem with a blank page is that it is blank. It is noticed only if one decides that it needs to be filled. Then the task is simple. Fill the page.

How should one approach this? Should one use blocks of colour or apply charcoal and sketch? One could write a poem or glue Autumnal leaves in their ever brown decay, on the page.

A blank page is infinite in it’s possibilities. Indeed, if one were to perform calculus on the page, one might never even get to the end. There are an infinite number of points between the beginning and the end. Is there an end?

Now, the blank page is the potential of infinite possibilities and the filled page is the actuality of possibility ad infinitum, described. Truth or untruth?

I draw on my memory, as if assembling thin delicate threads to weave an image, delicate as a spiders web, caught in the evening light.

The night dew has decended and the web is damaged. Nothing is ever perfect. No matter, function does rule form. We come to love form for it’s reliability, it ability, it’s love of use, our need for work, to be sustained, to bring sustenance.

And so the blank page, brings hope. It is alive with possibility, and like the common garden spider, we cast out the work, and hope that what is cast will net a reward.

Fill the page.

Written by dwyersean

July 11, 2012 at 11:16 pm