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Budget 2009

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You know when you feed the budgie it goes tweet tweet all day. It might annoy you. You might want to kill it. No more budgie, no more tweet, tweet, squawk.

It’s the same thing for the average punter. All the crazies have to do is press a button and we all go away with severe unction. That’s unless you really get mad and want to do something about the injustice of your position. But clear communication, untruth or not, will placate the average punter; putting him back into his stall where, of course, there will be plenty of fresh hay and water. Of course…

The Irish government, have pulled a rabbit out of the hat. It’s a very tough budget, but they’ve held our hands for the last year so we could get our heads around it. So, no riots yet, but it’s going to be a close run thing. Wages are going backwards in the public sector, mortgages aren’t, if that one issue isn’t addressed then, as a country we are looking at significant difficulty.

Mortgages now are based on a wage levesl that don’t exist, and house/land valuations that aren’t credible, this should mean some attempt at mass renegotiation in the mortgages of thousands of households, who bought in the last four or five years. The Republic owns one bank, will probably own another one sometime next year and then there’s there’s €55 billion tied up in NAMA. Mortgages are where unions should be targeting their fiscal tactics in the next year. Hopefully.

So the gov reduced the price of booze! Who said these guys couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery… I wonder, was the drinks cabinet raided on the Titanic before it went under?

Written by dwyersean

December 11, 2009 at 12:31 pm

Posted in ireland, recession

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